Supported Accommodation

Our supported accommodation provides a settled, safe accommodation for at-risk individuals who would otherwise be homeless.

Comprising a number of properties across Cornwall, our supported accommodation offers a notable number of places for individuals who need extra support to overcome homelessness and develop their independence.

Every at-risk individual who becomes a resident at one of our properties is given support to help them transform their lives while staying in a place that is safe, secure, warm, and inviting.  

Life at our properties stretches beyond a room to stay. All our residents are offered and signposted towards specialist support in order to overcome whatever challenges they face in life, whether that might be related to mental ill health, substance dependency, or any other barrier which might come between them and an independent life.

We have access to a wide network of other agencies and all work together to support our beneficiaries. These include We Are With You, Cornwall Drug and Alcohol Action Team, mental health teams, police, Probation, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the food bank, the clothes bank, GPs, Safer Cornwall, St. Austell College, the Eden Project and many more.

While many people may traditionally associate supportive accommodation as a place to stay that isn’t on the streets, at Harbour Housing, we strive to be a trailblazing, industry-leading example in how the provision of such services can transform the lives of those we seek to help.

Alongside the very basics of offering a homely place to stay, we also offer a range of facilities and provisions for our residents in order to help them on their transition to an independent life. We offer a range of facilities and services which allow our residents to learn new skills, develop new interests and participate in activities that help them develop both individually and in what they will be able to do after moving into independent living.

Each of our properties caters for a different drug and alcohol tolerance level and provides suitable accommodation for each step of our residents’ journeys towards independent living. Some of our properties have no tolerance to substance use while others have a high tolerance.

At Our Properties

At all our properties, there is always a member of staff on site; during the day this is our support staff and at night, our housing management team and an on-call support worker. 

All our supported accommodation premises are also secure – with comprehensive CCTV recording and monitoring ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors to the site.  

The rooms and accommodation we provide is of a very high standard, and maintained by our in-house facilities management and building services teams. In short, we would not have a room of a standard we would not want to live in ourselves.  

What We Do

The Harbour Farm

At our main Cosgarne Hall residence, we’ve got the ‘Harbour farm’ – a smallholding complete with a variety of animals. Here, our residents and volunteers are able to spend time away from the challenges of daily life. 

Helping on the farm can gently rebuild structure and routine into our residents’ days and bring a sense of responsibility and achievement which are invaluable in people’s recovery from homelessness and journey towards independent living.

At the Harbour farm, we’ve got everything including a llama, chickens, pigs and ducks! If you want to meet the animals and spend some time on the farm with residents and staff, find out how to get in touch here.

What is Empowering Independence Accommodation?