The STAR Project

The Short Term Accommodation and Resettlement (STAR) project, is a service supporting people who have a history of sleeping rough.

At the STAR project, our residents are provided with the tools and support they need to transition into longer term accommodation, whether living independently or in other supported accommodation.

Working intensively and closely with our residents, the focus for those living at STAR is to get them ready to move on into a longer term housing solution. Within the first week, they will be registered on Cornwall Homechoice and encouraged to bid for properties.

While residents staying at STAR are usually there for six months, this can be extended due to the current housing situation in Cornwall, provided the resident is engaging with efforts to find long term accommodation.

Alongside our own support staff, residents at the STAR project also have access to a number of agencies which provide support and signposting.

These include Health for Homeless, Positive People, Rethink Mental Illness and We are With You (WAWY) who work alongside us and Cornwall Housing to assist residents with any challenges or barriers they may face while transitioning to independent living. Such support could include accessing healthcare, mental health services, support to overcome addictions or accessing suitable housing.

Many of those staying at the STAR Project face more challenges as they transition to a life of independent living, but together with our partners we aim to transform the lives of those staying with us.

How we help our residents

While the support and assistance offered at the STAR project can vary vastly depending on the needs of our residents, the mission is simple: to provide a place from which our residents can begin to look towards tomorrow as opposed to just surviving today.

For individuals who have no fixed abode (such as people who are street homeless), it is very difficult to access the support they need to survive or change their situation, such as accessing healthcare or benefits they would otherwise be entitled to.

At the STAR project, our staff alongside partner agencies provide a range of support and assistance to our residents. This can range from registering on Cornwall Homechoice, support to engage with other agencies or avenues that may assist, providing support to the individual as they view and apply for properties that may become available. Together with the resident, Harbour staff help them to overcome whatever barriers or challenges lie between them and an independent, settled life.

Our support doesn’t end when the resident finds that place to call home, either. With the exception of those who transition into longer term supported accommodation, we provide up to three months transitional support once the resident has moved into their own tenancy.

STAR Project
STAR Project