Our story with the revolutionary naloxone treatment started in 2009 and since then, it’s saved the lives of many of our residents.  

Naloxone is an emergency opiate antagonist treatment which, when given after an individual is presenting symptoms of a drug overdose, works by blocking the effects of the opiates which have been taken.

By relieving the dangerous symptoms caused by high levels of the opiates in the blood, it allows emergency services a vital window of opportunity in order to stabilise the patient. Both the naloxone injection and the naloxone pre-filled auto-injection devices are used alongside the emergency medical treatment to reverse the life-threatening effects of an opiate overdose.

Here at Harbour Housing, we helped to pioneer the use of this treatment which has gone on to save at least thousands of lives worldwide since its introduction. We were approached by Marion Barton, the then Social Inclusion Lead CIOS DAAT, and asked if we would help pilot its introduction and, after we learned about its use, were very willing to accept.

The proposal was we should make naloxone available in our main Cosgarne Hall property for use by our staff and residents themselves so in the event of an individual presenting symptoms of a drug overdose, the treatment was readily available to help reduce the risk of death from drug overdose. 

Since the initial introduction and the training of our staff, residents and volunteers in the treatment, naloxone has gone on to save a number of the lives of our own residents. Naloxone is now a vital component of our first-aid response, with a number of pre-filled injection doses available around all of our premises in a container similar to a break-glass box, which you see used for fire alarms and situated in strategic communal areas of our buildings.

We have several in-house staff naloxone trainers onsite and have developed a rolling training programme, which means all of our staff as well as most of our clients and volunteers are trained in the administration and use of naloxone meaning in the event it’s needed, it’s both readily available and can be administered by those in proximity.

We also offer training and advice from our experienced, knowledgeable team to other organisations seeking to introduce naloxone into their own premises.

What is Naloxone?

How to use Naloxone