The EVA Project

The EVA (Empowered, Valued, Aware) project is Harbour Housing’s specialist project for women escaping domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

Comprising twelve beds of accommodation at our specialist women-only property, the EVA project is designed to help our residents to recover from their experiences and trauma at a pace which is appropriate for them.

All of our residents are offered support which is individually tailored to them and their experiences while having the opportunity to live in accommodation which is safe, secure, welcoming and homely.

While most provision for services similar to ours can be offered up to 20 weeks, at our property our residents can stay for up to two years in order to give them time to rebuild and recover their lives.

Our project is specifically for women with multiple and complex needs and we are the only safe accommodation in Cornwall which offers this specific need. You can refer yourself in or an agency can do it on your behalf through our referrals page.

We also offer support from the moment a referral is accepted; therefore if there are not any vacancies at our EVA project provision immediately, we offer the support to the person while they are waiting for a place to move into.

The EVA project is a service that is appropriate and individualised to each person, their experiences and designed to help them have a future that is more positive than the present. We are also a trauma informed and trauma responsive service that is accommodating of people’s chaotic lifestyles, respectful of their journey to recovery and one where there are fewer barriers to participation.

The EVA Project is...

Safe – We understand that for many of our residents, they’ll have come to us from environments where they haven’t been safe. For that reason, the EVA Project provides a space where our residents can rebuild their lives while living in safety and security.

Supportive – At the EVA Project, our residents are supported as they rebuild and recover from the experiences which led to them coming to us. We offer a range of services from signposting to other agencies where appropriate, such as specific help or long-term housing providers to accessing in-house services such as counselling or holistic activities.

Settled – Prior to coming to the EVA Project, many of our residents may have experienced chaotic living situations, so we offer somewhere that is settled. By fostering this environment, we are allowing our residents the time and space to rebuild their lives and look forward to a better future.