Cold Weather Provision

Imagine for a moment that it is winter. It’s cold outside and you’re one of those with nowhere to call home. You have nowhere to turn and you’re facing spending days and nights at the mercy of the elements. 

Help comes in the form of the seasonal Cold Weather Provision service. It’s a service operated by a partnership between Cornwall Council and the charitable sector that provides accommodation, intervention and support to individuals who would otherwise be street homeless during the winter months.

At our Cold Weather Provision, we provide a vital intervention and support service for vulnerable adults that for whatever reason are face the coldest months of the year on the street.

Such interventions we offer include assistance to help those staying at the Cold Weather Provision to access benefits and support, whether provided in-house or by signposting to one of our partner agencies.

Other assistance includes help to transition from the Cold Weather Provision into secure accommodation, whether that’s supported accommodation or by bidding for properties on Cornwall Home choice.

Life at the Cold Weather Provision is more than just putting a roof over the head of our residents. We believe that it is a space where they can engage in different activities, whether that’s an activity to enjoy with those who they share the provision with or something that directly helps them relax, such as our guided auricular acupuncture sessions.

What the Residents Say


“It’s brilliant, it’s better than being out there on the floor. I wouldn’t have made it through the winter if it weren’t for them. They’re all brilliant, trying to find spaces to get us off the streets.

“They’re always happy to chat, even the security.

“The staff speak to you like normal people. You feel like you get pushed out sometimes, people to people post to post. They listen, not just trying to tick a box. Especially down here it’s not always the case.”


“I’ve been here four to six weeks – I was homeless in West Cornwall before that. I was married and that went wrong but drugs and that made me homeless. 

“Before coming here I’d taken drugs most of my life but since being here I’ve been clean. Here, They help you, here. Now I’ve got a roof over my head, drug support, medication, mental health help. 

“ The Cold Weather Provision is brilliant. My support worker sorted the flat I’m about to move to out, said I needed a chance. I’ve been kicked out just about everywhere, but I’ve behaved while I’ve been here.”