Harbour Firesafe

Harbour Firesafe

Harbour Firesafe is a sprinkler installation company owned by Harbour Housing. We have been operating since 2017, offering a highly skilled, efficient and professional service.

We are a small and local company: all of our team are BS9251 qualified, and we are a member of the UK Fire Association.

Harbour Firesafe offers bespoke packages, and we can tailor our works to suit your needs and requirements.

Some of the services we offer includes:

  • Sprinkler installation and maintenance.
  • Installation of fire doors.
  • Fire proofing works.
  • Fire alarms up to L1 category.
  • Fire blanket and extinguishing services.

All profits generated by the work of Harbour Firesafe is reinvested back into Harbour Housing. This means that by choosing us to work with us, you are supporting vital work to end homelessness in Cornwall.

Sprinklers and fire protection can save lives, homes, property and businesses. Get in touch today on 01726 74186 or harbourfiresafe@harbourhousing.com for a quote or to discuss options.

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