Elaine Roberts


Elaine is a local resident of St Austell and has worked in the library service for many years. After being introduced to the work done at Harbour Housing on a tour Elaine immediately decided she wanted to help.

She has been providing invaluable CV and interview advice to beneficiaries for several years, preparing residents for interviews with employers and landlords, and helping to build confidence and rebuild skills.

Elaine was nominated for the Volunteer Cornwall Awards in 2019 and was awarded highly commended in the good neighbour category.

Her time working in the library service has given her experience in dealing with a vast array of different people with diverse backgrounds, helping her to develop her adaptability and approachable nature.

Elaine’s experience working directly with clients is a huge asset to the board of trustees and her role as an existing volunteer will ensure that this side of the organisation is fully represented at the management level.