Warm Packs

Harbour's Winter Warm Pack Project

Date: 6th April



Over the last few months at Harbour, we have been putting together and distributing warm packs to help people on low income reduce their energy bills after receiving funding from National Grid’s Community Matters Fund to help people in the community to combat fuel poverty. We have been distributing two different types of packs depending on whether people have gas or electric heating. All contain fleece blankets, draft excluders, LED light bulbs, thermal curtains, and socket timers. The gas packs contain radiator foil and radiator bleed keys, and the electric one comes with an electric blanket. The purpose of the items is to either provide more cost-effective ways of keeping warm or reducing bills through energy-saving alternatives.


Harbour's Winter Warm Pack Project

"A little bit of kindness makes such a big difference."

We have teamed up with local partners to help get the packs to those who need them. St Blazey Recycle, Reuse and Resale, St Austell Community Kitchen (STAK), Daisy Dukes, DISC Newquay and Bill Davies the Community Maker for mid-Cornwall from Volunteer Cornwall have all received packs to give to those across the local area.

Bill helped to distribute the warm packs to those in the Restormel region. He said, “It’s always great to work in partnership with organisations like Harbour who are giving back. It’s fantastic to be able to get these packs, which are so useful and will benefit people, to those who need it the most that wouldn’t be able to access it otherwise. It’s a good example of something simple that has benefited so many people, that can be replicated again and again. A little bit of kindness makes such a big difference.”

Harbour Housing’s Operations Director Malcolm Putko explained, “The packs have flown out the door, which unfortunately shows the level of need in the area. It has been great to be able to work alongside various other community groups to help out in this way. Feedback from recipients has been overwhelmingly positive, one even said, “It saved my life.” This just goes to show how relatively simple items can make such a difference.”


"This is not an issue which is going to go away overnight."

Malcolm continued, “A big thank you to all who helped getting these packs to those who need them as well as National Grid for this funding. We hope there are more funding opportunities similar to this in the future, as this is not an issue which is going to go away overnight.”