Funding Grant

Harbour Housing Receives Funding Grant From South West Water!

Date: 14th September



We are delighted to have successfully applied for a grant that makes our community rejuvenation project possible.

We have received just over £1,700 to buy gardening and painting equipment to be able to complete community action days. Harbour staff will lead teams of resident volunteers to get out into our local community and target areas that need revitalising.

We have done previous community action days including projects like the covering up of graffiti on local shops and clearing up the Globe Yard. The River Walk in St Austell was so overgrown that people who lived along it felt unsafe walking it at night. We spent a day clearing it of litter and cutting everything back, so that it was more accessible and safer. Another project we recently were involved in was the painting of bus shelters in St Blazey to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Through this funding we will be able to buy more, higher quality equipment to ensure we can complete more of these types of projects to continue to give back to the local community.

Funding Grant From South West Water

"It is a great opportunity to build team working skills and make a big difference to others."

Tom, Harbour’s volunteer and activity coordinator, is thrilled that we will be able to continue getting our residents out doing practical activity days in the community: “With this funding we will have better quality equipment to ensure that we can continue to do more community projects. It is a great opportunity to build team working skills and get the satisfaction of completing something that will make a big difference to others in the area.”

Harbour Housing Receives Funding

The expected impact of this project will be on multiple levels. Firstly, in a wider sense, this project will help to bolster community cohesion and pride through the revitalisation of places that need it. We hope that through this project access and safety at various sites throughout the community will improve, as well as improving and emphasising the aesthetics of the local area. Additionally, at an individual level, this project will give our residents opportunities to develop key skills that will help in their journey towards independent living. The sense of purpose and achievement that this project will foster allows for lasting benefits including increased motivation to participate in and engage with other similar activities.

We are delighted that the St Austell Lions Club have recently reached out to work alongside us on some different projects, one of these will be a joint community action day. This will be a great opportunity for our staff and residents to connect and interact with a local group and forge new positive relationships.

A big thank you to South West Water for this grant, we are looking forward to helping to rejuvenate various places in our local area!