A New Look for Harbour

A New Look for Harbour

Date: 15th March



Welcome to our new website!

You may have noticed that we’re looking a bit different, and that’s because we’ve got a brand-new look here at Harbour Housing.

In 2021, we decided that we needed a rebrand to better convey our values, streamline our messaging and show clearly what we’re all about at Harbour Housing. We’d felt for a while that our previous logo, a roof symbol, focussed too much on the accommodation side of what we do, and was not representative of our numerous other ongoing projects such as outreach, hospital discharge and women’s services.

After much consultation, planning and working with the great creative people at Leap, the new Harbour Housing brand was born!

Our new primary colour palette consists of white, off-black and a vibrant orange. We love these colours: orange represents strength, vibrancy, honestly and optimism, and these are principles at the very core of Harbour. The white and black are purposeful, realistic, and can be used as connections with the vibrant orange and to help with accessibility.

Our new icon is made up of a house bridging the gap between the two strokes, the first H for Harbour Housing. The icon is a literal representation of how we bridge the gap in providing a pathway for people to move out of homelessness and into independent living. It also represents a safe place with the house cushioned by the two strokes on either side.

Our new website, designed by the brilliant people at Cape Creative, is now much more accessible and user friendly. We’re really looking forward to sharing even more good news stories and updates on what we’re getting up to! We hope you like the colour orange…

Our logo may have changed but our mission stays the same: to transform the lives of Cornwall’s most at-risk people and end homelessness.