Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are vital to everything we do at Harbour Housing.

As a Cornish based charity it is through our volunteers donating their time that we manage to further enrich the lives of those whose lives we seek to transform.

Whatever time you’ve got to spare or what skills you’d like to share, we’d be more than delighted to have you on board.

Things you can get involved in range from just helping out occasionally – such as helping with a Christmas meal or something more regular such as helping our residents learn cooking skills or assisting on the Harbour farm, where we have a smallholding of animals ranging from a Llama to ducks.

Check out our volunteering roles below and email us if you’d like to join our Harbour volunteer team!

Help Us

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Driver

We’re on the look out for volunteer drivers!

Our volunteer drivers collect food donations from local supermarkets; which allow us to get food for our residents and the training kitchen in addition to reducing the amount of food wasted.

This takes place during weekday evenings so any help available around this time – whether regularly or occasionally is hugely appreciated!

Volunteer Cook

Does preparing meals make you thrive? Does creating recipes give you a moment when you feel alive?

If the answer to either of those is yes and you’ve got time to spare, we want to hear from you.

A volunteer cook will help residents prepare meals, create a menu for the week or offer informal cookery lessons allowing our residents to learn something new.

Help us to cook up a recipe to something new here at Harbour!

Farm Volunteers

Down on the Harbour Farm, we’ve got a range of animals that are just waiting to meet you!

They include Lenny the Llama, Squeak the Pig, Lola the Sheep and Yoshi the Tortoise!

If you love nothing more than spending time with animals, you’ll love being on our smallholding! Farm volunteers will engage in activities such as feeding and taking care of the animals, carrying out repairs and maintenance (skills depending) and looking after not only our four-legged or feathery friends, but our vegetable patch, flowers and any other projects that arise.


It is really important for our residents to have social interactions and connections outside of professional contact.

Becoming a friend and offering a listening ear makes the world of difference to clients.

Befriending sessions could involve meeting up for a coffee, playing a board game or leisure activity, helping out grocery shopping or spending time on our smallholding.


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