Donate to us

Harbour Housing is a Cornish based charity, whose mission is to transform the lives of the South West’s most at-risk people. 

We can’t do this without your help and your donations help us provide the support which help us break down the barriers which lie between those in our service and a life of independent living.

Your donation helps us to bridge that difference.

Since 2010, it has been our mission to transform lives and it’s through the donations we’ve received that we’ve been able to do it. No matter how large or how small your donation, it all makes a difference.

What your donation could go towards

Everything you donate to us goes towards helping our residents. It could help buy the ingredients for cooking lessons or sessions to learn new skills, enabling them to learn new skills as they transition towards independent living. It could go towards the upkeep of the animals at our Harbour Farm.

It could support our work helping women flee domestic violence in the EVA Project or help us provide ‘moving in’ packs for residents who are moving into independent living.