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Project Referral Information

Here are brief descriptions of Harbour’s services to be referred into:

EVAThis is a specialist women-only property, which is designed to help our residents to recover from their experiences and trauma at a pace which is appropriate for them. This project is specifically for women with multiple and complex needs, who can stay for up to two years in order to give them time to rebuild and recover their lives.

Empowering Independence AccommodationWe are commissioned to provide short-term accommodation (up to two years) with support to people with complex and/or mental health needs. Our staff deliver housing-related support and signpost/refer to other specific support agencies, with the aim to get clients tenancy ready and move into independent living.

Empowering Independence OutreachOur outreach project supports people in the community who are vulnerably housed with complex needs to maintain their tenancies and prevent them from becoming homeless. This can include support with managing finances, accessing education, and searching for employment opportunities.

Short Term Accommodation and Resettlement (STAR)The STAR projects (in both Newquay and Camborne) is for adults with complex support needs and who have experienced rough sleeping. Harbour staff support people with the aim to regain the independence they may have lost during their rough sleeping experience. This is done by providing reassurance, guidance, and advice tailored to their needs, with the goal of the person being able to maintain a tenancy within a six-month timeframe.

Hospital DischargeThe project is commissioned to alleviate ‘bed blockages’ in NHS services, across Cornwall, which occur due to there not being suitable accommodation to which people can be discharged. This is a six-week project, with the option to extend to 12 weeks. During that time, service users will receive intensive housing-related support to enable them to move on to their own settled address.

Accommodation for Ex-Offenders (AfEO) – This project is in collaboration with Cornwall Council and Konnect Communities which aims to give ex-offenders access to housing in the private rental sector (PRS) in the hope of assisting them in keeping stable housing for a minimum of a year and lowering their recidivism rates. Harbour staff provide outreach support to help clients secure or maintain tenancies.