Warm Packs

Warm Pack Appeal

At the end of 2022, Harbour Housing received funding to help those in the community who are facing fuel poverty. We put together and distributed 80 ‘warm packs’ which included energy-saving items to help individuals and families on low income to keep warm and lower their bills. All packs included draught excluders, socket timers, blankets, thermal curtains, and LED light bulbs. Those who have gas heating also received radiator foil and radiator bleed keys and households with electric heating had an electric blanket in their pack.

Unfortunately, the need was far greater than we first anticipated and therefore we would like to continue to support those in the community on low income by putting together more warm packs. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. One recipient of a pack said, “It saved my life! I have been ill recently and my electric blanket broke and I couldn’t afford a new one. I am so grateful.”

The cost of living is not an issue which is going to go away soon, people will continue to struggle throughout the year. Therefore, we need your help to fund more warm packs so more people in our local community have more disposable income and are not having to choose between food and heat.

Warm Pack Appeal
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