St. Austell Rejuvenation Project

St. Austell Rejuvenation Project

Date: 15th July



Now that the weather has improved and we are able to get out and about in the community again residents of our St Austell properties have been getting involved in rejuvenation projects throughout the town.

Residents have volunteered their time and their efforts to perform litter picks along beaches, to pull out weeds along overgrown walkways, and to give a few coats of paint to vandalised walls and a neglected bus shelter.

This is all part of our enrichment programme at Harbour which facilitates a whole range of activities for residents to get involved in, including trips to adventure parks, in-house training courses, and these good deeds in the local area.

Having a calendar of events like this helps to form a sense of routine for people who may be struggling with motivation and mental health issues, giving the opportunity for residents to try something they might not have experienced before, sometimes leading to the development of a new skill or hobby.

Community rejuvenation projects are especially important to us and our residents as they help us to really integrate in the local area and take pride in the place that residents call home. After painting over a wall in town, residents can then walk past that area and know that it was their efforts that made a difference and helped to improve the area for everyone to enjoy.

It is also a great way to form connections as our volunteers have worked alongside local councillors and volunteers from other agencies on these projects, allowing bonds and relationships to be built which are so beneficial for personal development.

Members of the public walking past the team at work have passed on such lovely words of encouragement and support – it is incredibly heartening to know that the efforts of our volunteers has been appreciated by the community. 

So far the team have tackled the graffiti alongside the Watermargin Restaurant, the weeds covering Globe Yard, the litter along Par Beach, the Trinity Street bus shelter, and many more sites throughout St Austell.

After the success of these projects our Community Reintegration Officer Abby and Volunteering and Activities Coordinator Tom are planning to expand the scheme to our other properties across Cornwall including Newquay, Liskeard and Camborne.

Residents of these properties will work with councillors and local stakeholders to identify places in their local area where volunteering can make a positive difference.

St. Austell Rejuvenation Project
St. Austell Rejuvenation Project