International Women's Day Poem

International Women’s Day Poem

Date: 14th March



International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th, and is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, whilst also calling for gender equality.

Every year we mark International Women’s Day at Harbour by celebrating our female clients, leaders, colleagues, volunteers, friends and partners.

This year, Helen, our EVA (Empowered, Valued, Able) team lead wrote a wonderful poem called Break the Bias. It calls for an equal world free of bias, stigma and discrimination, whilst looking towards a hopeful future for all.

Listen to Helen, Mel and Kate from our EVA team perform Break the Bias on International Women’s Day below.

International Women's Day Poem

Break the Bias

Tell me what you see in me

Do you see the bias of history

Can you smell the scent of inequality

Do you see the lack of opportunity

That tells of the differences between you and me

Do you see?

Tell me what you see in me

Do you see my fate in society

Do you see our freedom is not free

Do you see the great illusion

Do you see an invisible strategy

For you, for me

Do you see?

Tell me, what do you see in me

Breaking the bias, breaking free

Breaking out, both you and me

If you could see all this and more

What could the future have in store

Do you see?

Do you see all of this in me?

'Break the Bias', performed by the EVA team.