Date: 11th November



We were thrilled to host our first ever art exhibition at St Austell Library to display the work created by residents.

The exhibition was launched at the library on Tuesday 12 October, attended by St Austell Mayor Richard Pears, local councillors, members of the public, and our residents.

We’re proud to provide a tailored support package to enable our beneficiaries to increase their independence and work towards independent living.

A key part of this support package is holistic activities to promote wellbeing, including art group held on Wednesday afternoons.

Residents are encouraged to develop their creative talents and express themselves through different mediums, supported by art teacher Lynn Simms. The pieces displayed in the exhibition were from a recent project around the theme of ‘identity’.

Lynn said: “We started this project by looking at works by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein who used images from the popular culture of their time to create art. They got their ideas from advertising, comic books, and mass produced objects.

“We used acrylic paints on paper and canvas to develop our ideas. Although we started with images of faces we interpreted and expressed the theme individually and selected our own source materials.

“We made a large collaborative painting which gave everyone the chance to express themselves while working together. This is the  most exciting piece. Everyone’s story is entwined to create vibrant complex and intriguing narrative. A collective portrait.”

Tom Pritchard is the activities and volunteering coordinator at Harbour Housing and was responsible for organising the event. He explains the benefits of having a regular art group for residents to participate in.

“Art group is a great way for clients to express their emotions through different mediums, as well as being a safe and non-judgmental space for residents to come and engage with the enrichment team.”

A report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing revealed that there are over 49,000 amateur arts groups in England, all helping to increase resilience and wellbeing as well as alleviating anxiety, depression, and stress.

It states, “the arts can make an invaluable contribution to a healthy and health-creating society. They offer a potential resource that should be embraced in health and social care systems.”

We’re always recruiting more volunteers to join our enrichment team, so if you would like to join our Wednesday art group then please get in touch!